Минералогический Музей им. А.Е. Ферсмана
Москва, Ленинский проспект 18 корпус 2,
тел. (495) 954-39-00
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The annual magazine NEW DATA ON MINERALS

Fersman mineralogical museum is publishing The magazine "New data on minerals". The magazine was initiated by academician V.I. Vernadskiy in 1907. It was started under the name "Trudy Geologicheskogo Museya (Geological Museum transactions), and then was published with breaks under the names: Trudy Mineralogicheskogo Museya (Mineralogical Museum transactions), Novye dannye o mineralakh SSSR (New data on USSR minerals). Now New data on minerals published in Russian and English. The magazine publications are also available on Museum website in PDF format.

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New publications of the Fersman Mineralogical museum

Museum publications are available in the Museum or by mail: mineral@fmm.ru

Tezisy 300let.jpg
Transactions of International scientific conference devoted to 300 years of Fersman Mineralogical Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences
Reklama- Kochubei cover.jpg
Collection of Petr Arkadievich Kochubey in the Fersman Mineralogical Museum
A. A. Godovikov Structural-chemical systematic of minerals,

Moscow, 1997.

A. A. Godovikov, S.N. Nenasheva Structural-chemical systematic of minerals,

Moscow, 2007.

A. A. Godovikov, V.I. Stepanov Natural mineral forms,

Moscow, Ocean Pictures, 2003.

Neizvestniy Fersman (Unknown Fersman) Devoted to 120-years of A.E.Fersman universaries

Moscow, 2005.

The short guide for the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences
Minerals of Mongolia
Reklama-struve rus.jpg
von Struve Collection by N.A. Mokhova

Moscow, 2005.