Минералогический Музей им. А.Е. Ферсмана
Москва, Ленинский проспект 18 корпус 2,
тел. (495) 954-39-00
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(how to get Museum, tickets and guided tours price schedule. Phones etc.).


Starting November 03 2017 each Friday, Saturday and Sunday You can take individual quest-crossword on Museum expositions. Choose of two blocks of two task schedule with a different complexity levels. Answer the questions and get garanteed souvenir Cost 100 rubles for each participant.

Information for participants of the olimpiada "Museums, Parks, Mansions"

Due to high demand we require to register in advance in case the number of participants in the group is 5 or more. Phones: (925)-246-6282 or (916)-629-8052. Not registered groups of 5 or more would not be served. Free day for groups of Olimpiada participants is the last Thursday of each month only. Any other days the payed enterance tickets required

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How to get Museum

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